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Here are the top 10 companies in the world with the highest number of employees, according to Forbes:

  1. Walmart – 2.2 million employees
  2. China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC) – 1.9 million employees
  3. State Grid Corporation of China – 1.9 million employees
  4. China National Chemical Corporation (ChemChina) – 1.8 million employees
  5. Sinopec Group – 1.5 million employees
  6. Toyota Motor Corporation – 1.5 million employees
  7. Volkswagen Group – 668,000 employees
  8. Royal Dutch Shell – 69,000 employees
  9. Exxon Mobil – 67,000 employees
  10. BP – 73,000 employees

This list includes a mix of publicly traded and state-owned companies from a variety of industries, including retail, oil and gas, automotive, and energy. These companies are among the largest in the world and have a significant global presence. It’s worth noting that this list is subject to change as the size and composition of companies can change over time.