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Here are 10 popular Vietnamese dishes:

  1. Pho: a noodle soup made with rice noodles, broth, and various meats such as beef or chicken.
  2. Banh mi: a sandwich made with French bread, pickled vegetables, and various meats such as pork or chicken.
  3. Goi cuon: fresh spring rolls made with rice noodles, vegetables, and shrimp or pork, wrapped in rice paper.
  4. Cha ca: a dish of grilled fish seasoned with turmeric and served with vermicelli noodles, herbs, and peanuts.
  5. Bun bo Hue: a spicy noodle soup made with beef or pork and served with vermicelli noodles and various herbs.
  6. Com tam: broken rice served with various meats, pickled vegetables, and a fried egg.
  7. Ca kho to: braised catfish served with rice and a caramel sauce.
  8. Banh xeo: a savory crepe filled with shrimp, pork, and bean sprouts, served with herbs and rice paper.
  9. Thit heo kho tau: braised pork belly served with rice and pickled vegetables.
  10. Bun rieu: a crab and tomato broth soup served with vermicelli noodles and various herbs.

Note: This list is not exhaustive and is intended to provide a general idea of some of the popular Vietnamese dishes. There are many other delicious dishes in Vietnamese cuisine, and the popularity of specific dishes can vary depending on the region and cultural influences.