Free Download QuickLinks – Create and Re-Direct QR Codes 2019 Version

What’s QuickLinks? QuickLinks allows anyone to create QR Codes from their own server, and then re-direct them as many times as they like. This is extremely useful if you work in print, you can change what the ‘scanner’ see’s whenever you like, without having to re-print. The script uses Google’s URL Shortening Service and Google […]

Free Download SiteSearchStats – Track Your Site's Rankings 2019 Version

Description SiteSearchStats is a PHP web application that tracks your sites’ metrics on the most popular search engines and social networks. All of your statistics are graphed and displayed in a beautiful HTML5/CSS3 template that makes it easy to identify where your sites are performing, and where they need improvement. Features Metric Tracking With SiteSearchStats, […]

Free Download Skinnable Rating System + Admin Area 2019 Version

Five Stars (complete ready-to-use solution) View online demo and admin area (user:demo pass:demo) and public TOP list Available extensions Google rich snippets extension (to be purchased separately) Propose more extensions here Five Stars Features Allows visitors to rate any content on your webpage. Endless skinning posibilities. Full control over stats style and appearance. Supports normal, […]

Free Download Banner Manager with Analytics for PHP 2019 Version

Banner Manager Pro Update (April 2018) New Free Wordpress Client Version Download This is an advanced banner management system which can be used on any website using php. This can be used for websites to provide placement of banners, to track banner impressions and clicks and to display analytics charts. This is the ultimate […]

Free Download Advanced Rating System – PHP 2019 Version

Change log: 22nd July 2013 – Script corrections and bugs fixed New Updates (V 2.0) Cross Domain External Embedding & Social media buttons integrated (Facebook LIKE & Google +1). Project Features Uses PHP, MySQL and CSS3. Fully AJAX based (no page reloads). Cookie / IP protection (one user can rate only one time). Available in […]

Free Download QRcdr – responsive QR Code generator 2019 Version

Generate your personal QR Code in few clicks! Upload your logo, select custom colors, and download the final QRcode. Available formats: .png, .svg, .eps Demo page included Features: Color picker Image uploader Custom watermarks Transparent backgrounds Location search Responsive Multilanguage Easy setup Save QRcodes in .png, .svg and .eps format* *Vector formats are exported without […]

Free Download Laravel Photo Battle Script 2019 Version

Photo Battle Script is an application that lets you run one-on-one battles like Google vs. Bing, iPhone vs Samsung, etc. Example battles you could create Google vs Bing Iphone 6 vs Samsung Edge Chrome vs Firefox Basically the options for creating BATTLES are limited only by you & your visitors imagination. Photo Battle Script Features […]